What is the 
SPRK Program?

Strategic Personal Resiliency for Kids (SPRK) is a program that can be used by anyone who has a personal interest in a child's life.  Children face challenges academically, socially, and spiritually.  SPRK program will help children to cope with the present and be prepared to direct the course of their lives.  The program provides a way for children to take action in their own behalf by teaching them that they possess an innate genius of spiritual, physical, and psychological energy that creates hope and well-being.  (Ages 7-14)
Included in the SPRK Program :
*The Legend of Laughing Cave book
* The Legend of Laughing Cave
*Personal Empowerment Audio Instruction Exercises: 
~Spiritual Connection
~Physical Wellness
~Courage Thinking
*Mentor's Guide
*Strategic Activities Record
*Personal Resiliency Log
*2 Power Stone Necklaces
*SPRK Appreciation Cards
*SPRK Posters


Other Components of SPRK Program

The Legend of Laughing Cave Book and Audio

Personal Empowerment Audio​ Excersises

Stories are time proven methods that teach history, folk tales, myths, epics and legends.  People relate to stories that attempt to explain nature and the struggle of human existence.  This is a tale of two kids, Ruth and Johnny Daring, as they embark on a quest to mine powerstones from an ancient valley to help their friends.  The story is full of metaphors that help kids navigate the world around them.
A Mentor is anyone who has a personal interest in a child's life.  The Mentor's Guide has step by step instruction about how to use the SPRK Program most effectively.  The Mentor’s imagination, experience, and skill can expand the flexibility and usefulness of the program.
Power Stone 
The stone is given to the child and becomes a reminder of her/his inner strengths.
Strategic Activities Record 
A record of events, feelings, and people who have facilitated the child.  The record demonstrates that the child is loved, needed and can expect wholeness.  This record builds confidence and can be referred to in times of emotional need.
Personal Resiliency Log
A resource that recongnizes the daily effort of the child, maps success and helps plot a course towards inner strength and resiliency.
  • Spiritual Connection
  • Physical Wellness
  • "Courage Thinking"
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