My children have THRIVED because of the Sprk Program for kids!  The story "The Legend of the Laughing Cave" is so essential for children to hear. It gives children the sense of knowing that what goes on in their lives, are entirely up to them.  What a powerful thing! Some children feel that they aren't heard or that they aren't as important as an adult, however, they will see how empowered they are. It assisted my children's self worth, stating their voice, and being happy.
The SPRK program was given to me to help my son who has mild Autism.  This program has helped his self esteem grow and he has learned to have more confidence in his choices.  He enjoys the stories of Ruth and Johnny and finds it easy to relate to them.  It teaches him to believe in himself and to be grateful for the blessings in life and also to strive for the things he wants to accomplish.  His favorite part of the program is keeping a daily log of the things he is learning and what he wants to accomplish for the week. The mentor guide gives me strategies and ideas on how to help him accomplish his goals.  I am thankful for the SPRK program it is helping my son understand himself better and would recommend it to all parents.
The story and all of the tools in the SPRK Program are astounding and effective.  Every parent needs this program to help their children understand that they have power and how to overcome adversity.
Gabe loves the accountability he feels to himself but also the idea that we are doing it together. He had really struggled lately saying "can you teach me how to change?" It's been awful as a mother to watch someone I love so much not know how to be better. When he holds himself accountable it helps him focus. I love that there are positive reinforcements for him to see and remember in tough moments. We have a long road, but with SPRK, I feel like I finally know what I can do to help him. Therapy didn't. Everything I have done has had slight impact. The difference I see in him since SPRK is that he feels he has some power and understanding.

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