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Albert Zylstra, Ph.D.
Dr. Zylstra teaches a unique perspective of human behavior that inspires and motivates.  He teaches that empowerment is opportunity, resilience is possible, and that positive expectations enhance positive outcome.  Dr. Zylstra has created research based personal empowerment programs that are designed to instill personal power, stimulate resiliency, enhance spiritual awareness, and inspire hope and purpose.  The children’s program, Strategic Personal Resiliency for Kids (SPRK), is a child/mentor program that focuses on the development and enhancement of resiliency and self-reliance. The Adolescent and Adult Resiliency Programs (AARP), strengthen belief in the ability to effectively cope with the present and to strategically direct the course of one’s live.   Dr. Zylstra is a guest lecturer and presenter, and works as a volunteer support instructor with adult probation and parole.  He has served as a member of the board of trustees of the HIARC organization for 11 years.  He has also worked as a school psychologist and administrator.  Dr. Zylstra graduated from Brigham Young University with a Ph.D. in psychology. 
LeNise Zylstra, M.Ed., SPC
LeNise graduated from Brigham Young University with Masters and Psychology Specialist degrees.  She is active in mentoring children and adults by facilitating and expediting resilient, hardy behavior.  She is a personal empowerment and resiliency teacher, and presenter at integrative health conferences.  In addition, she teaches anger management and parenting classes, and counsels with youth and their parents.  LeNise has also served as project coordinator of a team that provided family support and advocacy in strengthening protective factors in children and families.  She worked for many years as a school psychologist where she mentored graduate level practicum students and interns, and chaired school wide character education and anti-drug programs.
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